Gold wrap choker necklace
Brass snake chain necklace with spike tips
Gold wrap choker necklace
Spike tips
Knotted snake chain necklace with spike tips
Arrow tips of snack chain necklace

SIREN Gold Wrap Necklace

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Have them wrapped up in your irresistibility with the SIREN Gold Wrap Necklace—a vintage-inspired layering necklace that's versatile and sexy. This luxurious snake chain, adorned with spike charms, is more than statement jewelry; it's an alt accessory, daring you to layer on the allure and redefine your style with each seductive twist.

Worn wrapped around the neck, short or long depending how many wraps.  It has no clasp but once it’s placed, it’s not going anywhere (no moving or falling, no worries).  Looks great wrapped around a turtleneck or with a low cut dress.


  • Chain length: 52" 
  • Chain width: 4mm
  • Hanging length: adjustable

Handmade in Montreal by Lord Violet

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