Close-up of model wearing diamond bolo tie
Gold diamond bolo tie with gold snake chain and gold spike bolo tips on a white background
Close-up of gold ridged diamond bolo tie pendant on a white background
Model wearing diamond bolo tie and white blouse with black floral embroidery
GLIMMER Diamond Bolo Tie

GLIMMER Diamond Bolo Tie

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Be daring and redefine fashion with the GLIMMER Diamond Bolo Tie – it's not your average gold bolo! This piece takes western fashion on a queer, ornamental journey with a touch of art deco elegance. With vintage-style charm and geometric symmetry, it's the ultimate accessory on a sleek snake chain. It's not just unisex; it's the embodiment of genderless jewelry, a radiant symbol of style that transcends boundaries and beckons all provocateurs to join the underground rebellion. 


Fully adjustable, with a rubber slide bead allowing the pendant to slide up and down the chain.


  • Chain length: 34"
  • Chain width: 2 mm
  • Pendant width: 1 ½”

Handcrafted in Montreal by Lord Violet

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