Back of model wearing slide bead choker
Rolo chain bolo tie with slide bead and round gold bolo tips
Model's back, wearing gold bolo tie necklace and gold cowboy hat
Close up of slide bead of gold bolo tie chain necklace
Model wearing rolo chain necklace, holding gold cowboy hat on his head
Round gold bolo tips of bolo tie
Model wearing gold bolo tie necklace
Black rolo chain bolo tie with gold slide bead and round bolo tips
Gold bolo tie tips of black bolo tie necklace
Model wearing black bolo tie necklace while being held by second model

BANDIT Rolo Choker

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Wrap yourself in the allure of the BANDIT Rolo Choker—an adjustable, layering chain that defies norms. Whether in black or gold, this genderless jewelry speaks volumes with an alternative edge. It's not just a choker; it's a rebellious statement, a queer bolo tie for those who dare to challenge the ordinary. Let it be the bold accent that marks your style as a sexy bandit, stealing glances and hearts alike.


  • Chain length: 26"
  • Chain width: 2.5 mm

Handmade in Montreal by Lord Violet

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