COVID Calls for Collaboration


Sara here - what an honour to make this virtual cameo in Lord Violet’s blog! (On their official website, and a pleasure to have been part of bringing it to life!) 

As Nicola said - I took an intermission from working for small (previously a seamstress, restaurant manager, makeup/nail artist, and painting instructor for indi-spots in Toronto) to working for big business - Shopify - with the interest in their mission: to help entrepreneurs - (it all comes full circle). 

For two and a half years I was on their remote support team. 

It. was. tough. - AND I am so grateful for that experience for these reasons:

  1. The most obvious, “big business” stability - allowing me the means for some savings to finally start my own biz (full time nail and aesthetics artist - shameless plug: @pointpointe)
  2. I am a bit of a jill-of-all-trades//master-of-none type - but tech was far from any of my wheelhouses. Dipping my toe into that cool techy water just enough to not fear it. 
  3. *COVID relevant* comfort in all things virtual connection. I really struggled with remote work. Despite opening an at-home business since (which I love) - the online/computer desk work-from-home environment was a FEAR FACTOR level challenge for me. *if you want to know more… well maybe I’ll write my own blog sometime, or reach out..* - regardless, now being able to encourage ZOOM happy hours and run FaceTime “business meetings” - without it feeling foreign has been cool. 
  4. A stronger than ever drive to help small businesses work, and do their own best work (including my own).

So after that brief personal background - here we are. And what strange times it is.

I, like Nicola, took a moment to process on a personal level - but as an aesthetician my work didn’t really have the time.  Business had to come to a screeching halt pretty darn quickly.  For many small business owners and artists, it can be hard to separate work from self - and in this case that might have been a benefit.  Deciding to stop taking appointments, was when I realized that I had to also decide to take this as seriously as possible - if nothing else, to get back to work ASAP. 

Settling into life without nails to paint has been hard. One year in, I was just starting to develop confidence in my little biz - so the uncertainty of when we will be within 2 meters, let alone holding someone's hands is difficult. Knowing other businesses are struggling as well might have (and still does, sometimes) get me down - but the message from Nicola and the Lord Violet site project, was an opportunity to focus on continuing to contribute to small business - more than ever, when it’s needed. 

Lord Violet is not the first business I have helped grow online (hi Corey Moranis), and is one of several I have taken on working with through COVID in various capacities (shout out to the soon to come FAWN, Chocosol, and more). 

I am in such admiration of all of these businesses for taking this as an opportunity to explore new, or developing parts of their business, and giving me an opportunity to do the same of myself. 

Nicola, that means you!  So proud of you!  Thanks again for the call, the work, and the check ins! I am so excited to see you continue reach out (from a safe distance) and grow the beautiful and SEXY world you’re creating - and SO excited to wear PLEASE ME Drop Earrings, and the best-ever classic TROLLOP just about every day. 

Stay safe everyone! (and if you're reading this, and want some website help - please reach out!)






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